Q. Is the Clarity theme responsive?
R. Yes. Clarity is build to be adapt and to be user friendly on all screen sizes or devices; desktop, tablet and phone.

Q. My responsive site (on tablet or phone) looks nothing like the Clarity theme on my desktop, what's causing that issue?
R. If you go in your Big Commerce control panel under the «Design» in the «Mobile» tab, make sure NOT to check «enable mobile theme». Here's a screenshot : ADD SCREENSHOT HERE

Since you have a responsive theme (a theme that adjusts to various screen sizes) you do NOT want to use a mobile theme. By default, Big Commerce has this box checked unfortunately.

Q. Does the Clarity theme have a still editor?
R. Yes. A style editor is integrated allowing you to customize your site yourself very easily without touching code. For any bigger customization jobs, we offer various development services at $80/ hour. Checkout our services page at http://www.sproutcommerce.com/

Q. I just bought the Clarity theme and I would like to see some examples of this theme customized, where can I see that?
R. First of all, congratulation on your purchase! Second, We already have customized a lot of Clarity theme and we think it's a great idea to compare different sites to get an idea of what you want.. Here's a link to our portfolio page where you'll be able to sort all the sites we developed on Big Commerce by theme: http://www.sproutcommerce.com/portfolio

Furthermore, here's a link to our Facebook page where you'll find photo albums of Clarity & Athletic customized by others & by Sprout Commerce. https://www.facebook.com/sproutcommerce

Q. Does the Clarity theme allows product options?
R. Yes. You can have has many product options has you want. Here's a example of how options are displayed: http://clarity-demo.mybigcommerce.com/skydiggers-no-1-northern/ 

Q. Is it possible to add videos to the product page?
R. Yes. You can add videos in your Big Commerce control panel and they will be showed on your product page in the product videos section or tab. Here's an example of product with video: http://clarity-demo.mybigcommerce.com/skydiggers-no-1-northern/ 

Q. How can I edit the Free Shipping Message?
R. Here's a link to a step by step tutorial on how to edit the promobar: POST LINK HERE

Q. What are the optimal dimensions of the carousel slides?
R. The dimensions are 1182px X 457px

Q. How do I add the homepage promo boxes under the carousel and how do link them to the right url?

Q. I saw that you have a «Shop Best Sellers» graphic in one of the promo boxes but I can't find the Best Sellers features in Big Commerce, any tips?
R. With the current Big Commerce features, the only way to do a Best Sellers page is to create a category in the control panel and to assign to it the products you would like to feature there. The same senario works for «On Sale» or «New Arrivals».

Q. Which other theme was developed by Sprout Commerce?
R. We currently have developed Athletic & Clarity.

Q. I found what I think is a bug on my Athletic template, what should I do?

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